It's The End Of A Cranky, Twerpy Era At Page 2

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It appears that Dan Shanoff isn't the only Page 2 writer leaving this week. And though you may or may not think Shanoff's departure is a good thing, we're pretty sure you will be happy about this one.


According to several sources, and now backed up by The Big Lead, this is the final week for everybody's favorite Big Bag of Douche Skip Bayless. He is leaving Page 2 after an ill-considered term there, where his brand of, uh, Contrarian Assholianess never seemed to fit in with jokes about reality shows and "24 College Avenue." No official statement has been made, but don't expe

Alas, Bayless is not leaving the network entirely; he will continue his nasal diatribes at "Cold Pizza," though unless you're the type of person who likes to watch your morning shows at 11 a.m., that shouldn't affect your lives too much.


Bayless schtick, of course, has always been to play a role as "villain," as if taking ridiculous, nonsensical stances on topics and having readers justifiably call him an idiot somehow constituted "debate." We're sure someone will miss him, somewhere. Maybe.

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