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Considering the NFL season starts tomorrow, we figured it was probably time to stop dawdling and start previewing. You've seen all our NFL Season Previews — except for Dallas, which we're told is coming — and now it's time to go division-by-division. And do our yearly roundup of picks from around the Internets.

So, we kick matters off with the NFC East. (The NFC runs today, and AFC tomorrow.) The team with Jeff Garcia won this division last year, and three teams made the playoffs. We don't think three will make it this year; actually, we don't think there will even be two.


Some picks!

AJ Daulerio: Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Giants.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants.
Robert Weintraub, Slate: Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, Giants.
Matt Pitzer, USA Today: Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Giants.
Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders: Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, Giants.
Sports Illustrated: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins.
• DEADSPIN: Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, Giants. We have a feeling the Giants are going to go 3-13, and that Tony Romo is going to stink.

As always, we know nothing.

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