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It's Unfortunate That This Woman's Thigh Is Hiding My New Suit

Thank you very much to all the would-be photographers who volunteered their last minute services to photograph us on our "field trip". Quick-typing reader Antonio G. Di Benedetto was the winning first responder and made the trip from Montclair State University to photograph last night's dork-fueled decadence. The purpose this lap dance lunacy was to pop by Rick's Cabaret and enjoy an evening with some of New York's finest female entertainers to experience the "professional athlete treatment" at the club. Plus, in this wintry economic climate, some of the city's locales are suffering. (Especially since Jeremy Shockey left town.) Athletes aren't as willing to make it rain as they were before, so it's very important that we keep one of America's most storied professions afloat. Also — and this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's faithfully followed this site through the years — Will Leitch chatting up strippers is just a car wreck of epic proportions. At one point, while he was mindlessly babbling about their work hours and making jokes about one girl "being union", one confused stripper of Colombian descent seemed legitimately concerned about his mental state: "Dosh-ee always talk so fas?" You'll get our full report tomorrow... ***** Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Adieu.

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