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I've Always Said To Get The Full NASCAR Experience, You Need To Bring An Extra Fake Leg

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Courtesy of Sir Jay Busbee, Yahoo! sports blogging longshoreman.It's just two people sitting back-to-back against each other on old bar stools in the flatbed portion of a pick-up truck at the Milwaukee Mile NASCAR race. What's that you say? What about the fake leg strewn across the hood? That's Navy Seal-like preparation, man. On big race days, it's good to have a prosthesis handy. What if one of those tires comes flying over the fence and hacks your leg off? You'll be legless, bleeding to death, and forced to leave early because you'll need to get that replaced. Not these fans, though. No way. They're not missing one second of this race.



Good morning. It's Tueeeesday. Put on your fake leg and dance.

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