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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

J.R. Smith Ends Game With A Very J.R. Smith Shot

The Knicks lost 97-95 to the Orlando Magic last night, and this here was the final play of the game. I'm not going to assume that this isn't the play Derek Fisher drew up, but Carmelo Anthony's frantic calling for the ball would seem to indicate that J.R. pulling up from three was not exactly what the coach had in mind.

Mostly, I just love the composition of this GIF. There's 'Melo, going from "OK, here comes the ball, let's do this!" to "Oh no, J.R. has that look in his eye" in a matter of milliseconds. And then there are the wheels you can see turning in Smith's head, the ones that, for a fraction of a second, had him half-convinced that he should pass the rock to one of the NBA's most gifted scorers before settling on, "Nah. That was a pretty cute play coach drew up, but watch me get this game-winner off."


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