Jaguars Fans Will Show Up In Droves To Watch Tebow, Who Is A Game-Time Decision To Hold A Clipboard

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Crashing disappointment, banal mediocrity and immense, unfounded hype align this week to make for an extremely sad pre-game note for what is sure to be either a deflating exercise in late season NFL triviality this Sunday or a hilarious exercise in late season NFL triviality this Sunday: Because of Tim Tebow—a player who will only be allowed to back-up Mark Sanchez if his cracked ribs enable him to do so, which they did not last week, the one game of the season in which Sanchez was benched—the Jaguars have their best home seller of the season. This is the sentence that resulted:

The hometown Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from the University of Florida is among the reasons the Jaguars have removed a tarp that usually covers 1,100 seats in the upper deck of EverBank Field to accommodate increased ticket demand for the Dec. 9 game against the Jets, Jaguars President Mark Lamping said in an interview.

Tebow is a game-time decision, but not to play—he's sitting out special teams for sure—just to be second on the depth chart at quarterback, if that. Meaning that we have what has to be one of the stranger circumstances of the season: a team finally taking the tarp off of the upper-deck seats because fans want to watch a player maybe suit up. Better wear an extra large jersey, Tebow. A lot of people want to touch its hem.


Tebow On Bench Still Yields Jaguars' Biggest NFL Crowd For Jets
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