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As mankind evolves past a belief in an omnipotent god, we must inevitably face the question: Whence does justice arise?

For if there is no supernatural being with a hand on the scale, nor any afterlife in which earthly wrongs are righted, then universal justice is not guaranteed. It is not to be expected that in the end everyone will get what they deserve. We must accept that justice will not arise from without. If we crave justice, we must create it ourselves.


The resolve to do so does not come easy. To bring about justice in this world is no easy task. As long as men are evil, justice will be born of peace, not war. To forge ahead in its pursuit, we must be pushed by a force greater than fear. We must first taste the bitter, bitter fruit of injustice and defeat. And when its bitter taste becomes unbearable, we shall know what it means to be ready to make this vicious world a place of righteousness.

Blake Bortles has bitter fruit dripping off his lips.

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