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Everybody has a cross to bear. Some of us were always picked last in kickball and still harbor resentment about it. Some of us have a lifelong fear of spiders, or horses, or, say, snakes. Some of us become never-nudes. We all have to overcome something.

So you'll forgive us, we hope, as we type this with shaky hands and a cold sweat: Now that he has lost the starting job in Denver, presumably for good, Jake Plummer says he's open to returning to Buzzsaw land and finishing his career holding Matt Leinart's clipboard.


We know that, as far as backup quarterbacks go, Plummer is a reasonable choice, one who has starting experience and obviously knows the area. But you have to remember what Plummer's tenure in Buzzsaw Country was like. Imagine the way Plummer has been the last few years, except with no running game and coached by Vince Tobin. Oh, and somehow more impetuous. The guy likes to throw the ball backwards and with his left hand.

Though we do cherish the conversations he and Leinart might have.

Plummer: 'Sup dude.
Leinart: 'Sup dawg.

And they'd just go from there.

Jake Plummer To Return To AZ In '07? [The Fanhouse]

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