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Jalen Ramsey Suspended After Throwing Fit Over Reporter Doing His Job

Photo: Logan Bowles (Getty)

A scuffle broke out at the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice on Sunday when defensive end Dante Fowler had to be separated from defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. The fight didn’t appear to be anything remarkable as far as training camp fights go, and we know that because Florida Times-Union reporter Phillip Heilman filmed it. That landed Heilman in the sights of Jags corner Jalen Ramsey, who seems to think it’s okay to try and intimidate reporters into favorable coverage.

Towards the end of Heilman’s video of the fight, you can hear Ramsey yelling at reporters on the sidelines to stop recording the incident on their phones. Heilman reports that after practice, Ramsey requested a meeting with the media, where he threatened to encourage his teammates to start ignoring reporters if footage of the fight was published. Heilman published the video anyway, which elicited this tweet from Ramsey:


Fowler was suspended a week for his role in the fight, and Ramsey was given the same punishment for going after Heilman. Both will undoubtedly see the error of their ways after being forced to miss an entire week of exhausting practices and a meaningless preseason game.

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