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When Manu Ginobili hit Tony Allen with a flagrant foul late in last night's Grizzlies-Spurs game, Allen engaged in a truly fantastic bit of theater by pretending that Ginobili's foul had caused him to slam his head against the floor. It was a flop for the ages (which doesn't change the fact that the foul was definitely a flagrant, by the way), and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was so impressed by it that he though Allen deserved a prize for outstanding...uh...literature?

Wrong prize, Jalen! I think "Oscar" is what you were looking for. We shouldn't be too hard on Rose, though, because live TV is really hard, and we are officially in the dog days of NBA playoff coverage. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, and Rose is one of the better NBA analysts working today.


Rose's partners did a solid job of handling the gaffe, too, as they effectively deployed the "Someone Correct Him While the Rest of us Laugh Quietly" strategy to perfection. Good work, fellas.

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