James Dolan Is Not Sorry About Being A Shitty Person

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At a charity event today, Knicks owner James Dolan finally spoke about the email he sent this past Sunday, in which he responded to a lifelong fan's harsh but fair criticism by accusing that fan of being a miserable alcoholic. Unsurprisingly, Dolan is not really all that sorry about being a horrible dick.

From ESPN:

"I got sent a bad, hateful email," Dolan said Friday at a charity event in Manhattan. " ... I generally don't respond to the bad ones. This time, it just caught me at the wrong moment and I responded. Sort of tit for tat. And I knew I shouldn't have done that and I did it anyway because it made me angry. Because it was a personal, hateful attack."


"Hateful" is a pretty strong way to describe an email that was downright tame in comparison not only to the response that Dolan fired off, but what an angry Knicks fan might say to this clownish failure, who's never done anything in his life but spend money other people earned, take an apparently sexual pleasure in ruining New York's favorite basketball team, and play shitty music. James Dolan is a sensitive penis.