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James Dolan Tried To Woo Free Agents With His Shitty Music

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OK, yes, I realize we've been writing about the Knicks a lot lately, but this anecdote from the beginning of Adrian Wojnarowski's latest thrashing of James Dolan deserves to be called to everyone's attention.


I mean really, get a load of this guy:

When New York Knicks executives chased free agents in the summer of 2010, owner James Dolan made himself a part of the presentations. He isn't the most engaging, enchanting man, but Dolan does fancy himself a musician. So, yes, there were player and agent meetings four years ago when Dolan delivered a parting gift on the way out of the room.

"He passed out copies of his CD," said a source, who stuffed his copy of one into a bag and no longer remembers where it's gone.

It featured the melodies of JD and the Straight Shot, Dolan's corner-bar band that bought itself into the opening act on tour with the Eagles. Dolan's world revolves around the Eagles, and no one has helped meld his fantasy camp/groupie life of bad teams and super groups more gloriously than notorious ball-busting Eagles business manager Irving Azoff.


As you may recall, the summer of 2010 was the time when the Knicks were trying to woo LeBron James and other marquee free agents to New York. Please try to imagine James Dolan huffing his way into a conference room, staring the greatest basketball player in the world and the one man who could save his moribund franchise in the eye, and then saying, "Hey there, LeBron, please enjoy this JD and the Straight Shot CD."

I bet poor LeBron was really nice about the whole thing, in the same way that one is nice to his senile grandma upon her asking the same question for the 25th time in a day.

This is not how you build a championship team:


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