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James Dungy's MySpace Profile

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A terribly ghoulish way to start your post-holiday break, we agree, and, honestly, we've questioned ourselves as to whether or not this is the type of thing we should be posting about. But we tend to take the viewpoint that if something is out there, and it might be of interest, we owe it to you to direct you there.

Therefore, as mentioned here last week, someone has screen-captured the MySpace profile of James Dungy, the late son of Colts coach Tony Dungy. We've learned not to assume you know a person from how they present themselves online, so we'll reserve comment, except to note that James Dungy was on MySpace the day before his suicide, for whatever that's worth.


If you disagree with us posting this, we understand where you're coming from. We're conflicted ourselves. We just believe that it's the first piece of news to come out of this story that wasn't just another platitude about how tragic the whole matter has been — it is of course awful and tragic — and the first thing that has given any insight, however slight, of what might have been inside James Dungy's head. He's the guy who made this site, after all. But if you think we're jerks for posting this, well, we understand that too.

James Dungy's MySpace Profile [Fry Cook On Venus]

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