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Jamie Collins Is A Freak

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The most noteworthy play of Sunday night’s Patriots-Colts game was Indy’s trick play that never should have been snapped, but it’s also worth taking a second to marvel at Jamie Collins clearing the Colts’ line to block an extra point attempt. He timed his leap with the snap perfectly, and used his leg to deflect the kick.

Watching the highlight will require you to go to YouTube, so don’t yell at us. It’s not our fault:

Collins, an outside linebacker for the Patriots, is listed at 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, but moves like a much smaller man. He’s quick enough to play in coverage for New England, like he did at Southern Miss, but the best example of his rare abilities is this video of Collins messing around in a yard and doing eight back handsprings in a row, with a backflip as the finale:


The thumps on the grass remind you that a man that size should not move that easily.

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