TV host, cookbook author, and brilliant world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver went on The Colbert Report yesterday to sell some copies of his new book, Comfort Food, a guide to preparing the sorts of foods that professional nutrition-scold Jamie Oliver will crash through your kitchen wall to jump-kick off your fork should you decide to eat them.

"You can't make a healthy dessert," he says, "but for the love of God, you've gotta eat that stuff!" Which is maybe kind of a weird stance to take after you make a TV show where you go around making people feel bad for eating that stuff?

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No, but seriously, he has an OK argument here, which is that a life without the occasional gluttonous comfort food would be a sad and bereft one, and that if you're gonna eat this stuff (in moderation!), you might as well take a world-famous food-genius's advice on how to make it. Probably that argument would be a little bit easier to take if the dude making it didn't spend much of his time well actually-ing the food choices of regular people, but, what the hell.

I bet he makes some good-ass comfort food, anyway. Holy shit I want that Bundt cake.


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