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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Japanese nerds have invented baseball-playing robots with talent far exceeding our own Major League all-stars and they don't require Gatorade or HGH. Well, I guess that's it. We had a great ride, humanity, but our time has passed.

University of Tokyo professor Masatoshi Ishikawa has created two robots, one pitcher and one batter. The pitch-bot throws 90% of its speedballs in the strike zone and is not subject to pitch count. The bat-bot hits 100% of those strikes, and never swings at anything in the dirt. So a batter who can't strike out vs. a pitcher who will never walk him should make for fast moving, but very entertaining games. Especially if the fielding robots play defense like David Ortiz.


Oh, it says here that the batter-bot can't go the opposite field, but that still makes him better than Jose Canseco.

Look out Ichiro and Daisuke Matsuzaka; Japanese professor creates baseball-playing robots [AP]

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