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Jared Allen Told Ray Edwards, "I'm Going To Punch You Square In Your Wiener, Dude" Before Punching Him Square In The Wiener

Maybe you've seen the video circulating this week that shows Minnesota's Jared Allen punching Atlanta's Ray Edwards directly in the crotch during the Falcons' 24-14 win in Week 12. If not, here it is, and here's Allen's frank explanation of the incident from today's episode of PFT Live:

Ray is obviously a former teammate and friend of mine. I told him before the snap that he's known for blowing up the long snapper on the field goal.

So I told him: "You run me over here, I'm going to punch you square in your wiener, dude."


At least he gave fair warning. That's real sportsmanship.

Jared Allen explains punching Ray Edwards square in the wiener [PFT]

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