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Jarvis Landry Guarantees Victory Against The Patriots, Quickly Regrets It

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The 2-4 Cleveland Browns have a massively intimidating task ahead of them this Sunday, as they travel to New England to take on the undefeated Patriots. This is a team that, when they took on the league’s other remaining undefeated team in Santa Clara three weeks ago, got crushed by a score of 31-3. But at least at the beginning of his press conference today, Browns wideout Jarvis Landry wasn’t the least bit scared to make a bold prediction when asked about Cleveland’s vibe coming out of the bye week.

“We’re gonna win,” Landry said. “We’re gonna win. I think it’s just that simple. We’re getting guys back healthy again, and we’re gonna win.”

That wasn’t all—Landry’s confidence in his team permeated the whole session. When asked about his young quarterback going up against a brilliant defense, Landry replied, “I wouldn’t say they’ve faced a first- or second-year quarterback like Baker Mayfield” and reiterated, “We’re going to win the game.” Here’s both exchanges with reporters:

It takes a lot of guts to be so blunt about victory within earshot of Bill Belichick, but Landry’s invigorating remarks might be just the spark this underachieving Browns team needs to make good on the preseason promise they held. And it’s not like Landry’s a stranger to beating the Pats, having done it multiple times as a member of the Miami Dolphins. Yeah! Who’s to say this is a misguided strategy? Who’s to argue that Freddie Kitchens doesn’t have the perfect gameplan to end Patriots’ perfect record? Now to take a big sip out of my “Cleveland Browns Super Bowl LIV Champs” mug and check what Landry had to say 10 minutes later.

Oh. Well, yeah. They’re probably gonna get their asses kicked.

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