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Jason Giambi Thinks Your Shift Is Worthless And Weak

He put the finger on you: Just in case Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts was unaware about Jason Giambi's feelings toward the shallow right-field shift employed last night. [Sports Crack] • Cock you like a Hurricane: Apparently, some U of M football players don't like to wear towels in the locker room. It creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for reporters. [The Big Lead] • Everything's negotiable: "An Austrian athlete attempted to bribe a laboratory assistant to ensure that the B-sample from a dope test returned negative, it emerged Wednesday. Triathlete Lisa Huetthaler offered the lab worker 20,000 euros (31,400 dollars) to ensure the positive May result for the blood- booster EPO wasn't confirmed. " [Steroid Nation] • Only in Philadelphia, indeed: "Would fans spend years belittling Pat Burrell for his perennial under-performance, only to scoff at the idea of trading him for a two-time World Series-winning, first ballot Hall of Famer and the greatest RBI producer of his generation when such rumors surface." [HHR]

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