Jason Kendall Blows Up At A Reporter, Is Kind Of An Asshole

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Yesterday, Nick Wright of 610 AM was interviewing Royals prospect Mike Moustakas when he asked him a wholly innocuous question about possibly starting the season in AAA to delay his arbitration clock. That's when Jason Kendall, not even part of the conversation, jumped in.

610 aired an edited version of his freakout, but we got our hands on the uncensored version, because you haven't lived until you've heard Jason Kendall ask if you're shitting him.


The transcript, via Royals Review:

Wright: (To Moustakas) "There's a decent chance that no matter how well you do this Spring Training, you might still start the year off in the minors just because of Baseball's rules and wanting to hold on to eligibility, all that stuff. Do you think about that?"
Kendall: (Jumping in) "No, he wants to stay in the minor leagues all fucking year. Are you shitting me right now?"
NW: "Well, you heard the question, Jason?"
JK: "Yes."
NW: "The Question wasn't-"
JK: "Do you wanna start in the big leagues this year?"
NW: "Well hold on, is it not a legitimate question? I know he wants to start in the major leagues."
JK: "He wants to start in the big leagues in this year."
NW: "That wasn't the question, Jason."
JK: "Rewind yourself."
NW: "Ok, we can rewind it and play it. The question is of course he wants to start in the big leagues, right? But with baseball, how it is, they probably wait til June so they can hold on to him for another year. The question is, would that bother you"
JK: "You asked him if he wanted to start in the big leagues this year."
NW: "Ok, if that's what I asked you, Mike, my apologies. Let me back it up for a moment. No matter how you do this Spring Training, you might still start in the minors, would that bother you?"
(cross-chat between Moustakas, Kendall, and Wright for a few seconds)
Moustakas: "It wouldn't bother me one bit just because it's what's best for the Royals organization. Dayton's on board with the plan, the plan is to win a championship, and whatever he says goes."


I don't know what stuck in Kendall's craw. All I know is that I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that "Rewind Yourself" becomes a meme.

Overhearing a Standard Interview, Jason Kendall Goes Crazy [Royals Review]
"Rewind Yourself" graphic via FanGraphs