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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Those frisky Nats have bolstered their pitching staff by nabbing someone on their wish list and the Mets continue to be enamored with Japanese players. Jayson Stark sports a mighty chub for springtime so you know it's time for HOTFUCKINGSTOVE.


• The Texas Rangers are determined to make this Darren Oliver relationship work and have signed him to a one-year deal or until they're eliminated from the playoffs where they'll dump him off on a contender once again.

Ken Davidoff heard something a while ago about the Yankees asking about Carlos Zambrano but he didn't deem it necessary to write about until everyone else did.


• Cliff Lee is still confused as to why the hell he is going to Seattle: "I was caught off guard by the whole thing. The day before it happened I heard all the rumors. I called my agent, he called them and they basically said it was not real. Don't believe the rumors, don't believe what you're hearing. So at that point I thought for sure it wasn't going to happen, then the next morning they called and confirmed that it did happen."

• Peter Gammons says screw this Winter Meetings crap and let's yell about Sarah Palin. BECAUSE HE CAN.
Ken Rosenthal throws some shit at the wall.

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