Jason Whitlock Has Written His Magnum Derpus

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ESPN columnist Jason Whitlock wrote a column last night wherein he tackled Monday's Michael Brown protests outside of Busch Stadium. Protesters demanding justice for Brown's shooting death at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson were met by a crowd of Cardinals fans exulting in the death of a black male.

Whitlock's column is called "The right way to protest," and it is, as you might expect, an orgy of smarm and false equivalence and pandering that blames the mostly black protesters for "baiting bigots." He also talks about "hipster-approved white supremacy" and calls Martin Luther King "the Michael Jordan of promoting racial equality and advancing the cause of African-Americans" and feels the need to say, "I do not want Darren Wilson dead or murdered," as if this statement somehow differentiates him from the savage protesters, who apparently would like to drag the officer out into the Missouri jungle and quarter him.

You can read Whitlock's column here. And then you can read below what I wrote in June about Whitlock's long, lucrative history of blaming black people and their culture for the predations of racists. Whitlock is still in the process of creating for ESPN what he called at one point a "Black Grantland," which will supposedly be a platform for black writers and thinkers from which to combat things like racism, inequality, and the tinny respectability politics of half-witted pundits.We needed that site yesterday.