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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jason Whitlock's Getting Antsy Again

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Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports' professional contrarian and TRUTH-teller, playfully addresses Matt Vasgersian's MLB announcer awkwardness and declares himself "Racial Apology Czar." Oh, and he attacks Deadspin again.


Whitlock makes a good point about how Vasgersian simply made a mistake and even defends the joke and agrees that the EMT in the clip did have a striking resemblance to Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNabb. He seems more offended that Vasgersian's broadcast crew of Mitch Williams and Billy Ripken, scared into oversensitivity mode by years of PC training, let the joke hang there in shame so Vasgersian could wallow in on-air embarrassment. For whatever reason, Whitlock used this moment to chastise bloggers — including Dash's pretty harmless post — for blowing this up into something bigger than it is. Point taken, I guess. But Vasgersian apologized and, from what I hear, is actually coming on The Deadcast next week. Oh, and just like he did over at KSK, he also chimed into our comments section and mea culpa'd. So, I don't think we're really too guilty of any kind crime that require Whitlock's Racial Apology Czar oversight.


Of course, because Jason loves to hate Deadspin in the way he thinks we love to hate, he once again brought up my Man Law breaking against Stu Scott from Super Bowl XLI:

You know for several years I've been irate with the editors of Deadspin about what they did to Stuart Scott at a Super Bowl. They published a story about looking over Scott's shoulder and reading a text message from a female friend during booty-call hours.

Given the fact that Scott is black and his female friend was white some people believe Will Leitch and AJ Daulerio committed a "hate crime." I've always leaned toward ruling it as simple "hating," a jealous act committed by cowards with no respect or appreciation for Man Laws.

Having two lawyers debate this issue would be a terrific, must-see episode of "Race Court with Judge Jason." If convicted of the more serious "hate crime," Scott would be allowed to whip Leitch and Daulerio's asses on national television. If I ruled it misdemeanor "hating," Leitch and Daulerio would be fined $1,000, sentenced to a year of probation and required to attend manhood training.

That would be absurdly brilliant in a very "Breaking Bonaduce" sort of way, but I don't think Mr. Scott would lower himself to such depths. Unless there's a cute, white ring card girl he could take home with him later. Come to think of it, I think Judge Jason would tag-a-long for that sort of thing as well. I promise I won't write about it. Lesson learned.

I'll Be The Judge On Racial Apologies [Fox Sports]

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