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Matt Vasgersian Continues To Have Trouble With Live Television

Brad Hawpe was carted off the field last night after being hit hard with an errant pick-off throw. It was scary moment, made more awkward by Matt Vasgersian's subtle, yet poorly executed brand of "humor."


The throw from catcher Nick Hundley hit Hawpe in the back of the neck, just below the lip of his batting helmet, as he was diving back into second base. Paramedics took all precautions, placing Hawpe in a neck brace before slowly taking him off the field on a cart. It was a similar injury to one that killed a high school player last week, but thankfully, Hawpe seems to have "only" suffered a concussion. Coming out of a segment about it on the nightly sports broadcast is always an awkward transition, but Matt Vasgersian—who was also the first man to break the MLB Network's f-bomb barrier—thought he had the answer. He did not.

For those, who can't watch/hear the clip: Vasgersian went back to the tape to point out that one of the EMTs looked like Donovan McNabb. (He looks nothing like Donovan McNabb.) His "quip" was met with stunned silence from his broadcast partners and an in-ear reminder from his producer, "You know we're live, right?"

Ouch. I think Norm MacDonald's OJ joke got a warmer reception.

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