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JaVale McGee Explains His Odd Tweeting Style

The Denver Nuggets media day was yesterday, and one reporter took the opportunity to ask JaVale McGee some questions that really matter. Thanks to Nate Kreckman of ESPN Radio's Denver affiliate, we now know why JaVale only tweets through the use of self-referential retweets:

NK: JaVale, explain your tweeting style. You like to always re-tweet yourself and then tweet in all caps. It's very unique. Why do you tweet like that?

JM: I consider myself a trend-setter, so a long time ago I decided, I think it was like a couple months, four months ago, I decided I won't tweet again, so all I'll do is re-tweet. So I technically don't tweet, I just re-tweet. I don't know why I do all-caps. It just looks better to me.


That answer makes total sense, and it resembles McGee's appeal to us: We don't really know why we like to watch him do ridiculous things on and off the court. It just looks better to us.

Kreckblog 10-2-12 [ESPN Radio]

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