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JaVale McGee Had A Bad Minute During Last Night's Nuggets-Knicks Game [UPDATE: Now With George Karl Reaction GIF]

On Friday JaVale McGee performed a terrible, wonderful, perfectly awful feat and helped lead the Nuggets to a big win. He was less effective last night against the Knicks, picking up as many fouls as he had rebounds and only scoring four points. That's not to say our love for McGee is tempered; on the contrary, as long as he continues to perform sequences like the above, we're going to keep highlighting them.


Watch as McGee misses a jumper, crushes Tyson Chandler, clears out Chandler to make room for Ty Lawson, throws the ball away, then stumbles his way out of collecting a rebound from Steve Novak's missed three. We believe in a balanced universe, and anticipate a highlight reel-style video of McGee any day now. [NBATV]

Update (11:43 a.m.): Someone requested we GIF George Karl's reaction. Here you go!

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