Jay Cutler's 1980s Charity Party: Billy Ocean And Many Grimaces

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We already mentioned how ridiculous Jay Cutler's outfit for his '80s-themed party for charity on Thursday was. Now we have an eyewitness report from a tipster.

Here's Aaron's account of the night, loosely edited:

Last night I attended the Jay Cutler 80s dance party for diabetes. I purchased these tickets primarily for the unintentional comedy expecting the whole thing to be a train-wreck full of douchebags, long drink lines, and the Safety Dance on repeat. Anyone who's been to Joe's on Weed street (yes that's the bar's real name) can attest that the crowd is unpredictable and always has at least one annoying bachelorlette party and a couple of bums who wander in from the adjacent off track betting facility to drown their their sorrows. Instead, it was a genuinely a great night. The DJ played some interesting tracks during the open bar cocktail hour including a dance remix of Glen Frey's masterpiece "You Belong To The City." The crowd of approximately 200 people were pretty much all in costume or 80s garb and sweating heavily as it was 90 degrees in Chicago and the drinks were flowing.

After the opening band, an outfit called the Breakfast Club who played competent punkish covers of 80s classics, and before a spectacular but brief set by Billy Ocean, Jay and Kristen took the stage to auction some merchandise. Jay didn't speak much, but his facial expressions ranged from looks of "I can't believe Devin Hester dropped another fucking pass" to "I just got diagnosed with cancer." As a Bears fan, I was hoping to get some pictures of Jay dancing, smiling, talking to the attendees, or just doing anything besides grimacing, but that appears to be impossible.

Other highlights included an obese women flashing the opening band and Billy Ocean photo-bombing me while performing "Get outta of My Dreams, Get into my Car."

Overall, it was spectacular night for a good cause. Lots of credit to Jay for dressing up and throwing a great charity event. Everyone there was friendly and seemed to be having a hell of a time...except for Jay.


Poor Jay. Aaron also sent along a couple more pictures of Cutler looking unimpressed, and you can see the Billy Ocean photobomb up top:

h/t to Aaron