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Jay Cutler's Late Night Activities Prompt Furious Debate

Bears' general manager Jerry Angelo isn't worried about Jay Cutler's drinking . Former punky QB Jim McMahon says "It's the off season!" And now for Julia Allison's side of the story.

As you know, Miss Allison, a Chicagoish native, was Twittering about her Saturday night at Hub 51 with the Bears new quarterback, which resulted in disco dancing and a compliment about her headband. I communicated with Miss Allison over IM today and she wants Football America to know, for the record, that she did not bang Cutler that evening and, no, he wasn't smashed. He only had two beers, she says. She added that Mr. Cutler was surprisingly less stupid than many Denver Broncos scouts might have you think. "So he was actually quite witty, which is normal for the sorts of men with whom I spend time, but even more impressive given that he throws a ball for a living. Then again, I take photos of myself for a living - and not even particularly good ones - so who am I to talk?"


Splendid. The above photo of Julia is from that fateful night, but there are no photos of her and Cutler. Why? Cutler's bodyguard forbid it. Wisely, I might add.

But Miss Allison will be spending a good portion of time in the Chicago area this summer and does not rule out the possibility of mingling with Jay Cutler again while he off-seasons at various Chicagoland watering holes. Best of luck to those crazy kids.

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