We enjoyed the countless emails we received yesterday informing us that "Around The Horn" host Tony Reali โ€” an affable fellow whom we imagine being ultra intense about rec league softball, for some reason โ€” yelled out "don't take my Deadspin away from me" at the end of the program yesterday. (Shockingly, we didn't watch the show. Really!) But we actually enjoyed more Jay Mariotti's rant that led to the comment. Basically, Mariotti was saying that athletes blogging from the Olympic Village next year is a terrible thing because, apparently, the mere act of blogging will turn them into vampires out to suck the soul of an unsuspecting populace.

Jay, we've been over this with you before, but let's do it again ... slowly. Blogs themselves are not inherently negative creations; they are simply a new โ€” not all that new, actually โ€” medium for communication. The reason you think they're negative is because you only read what blogs say about you. And that's always negative. Why is that always negative? Because they're talking about you. Because you're Jay Mariotti, and there is nothing positive to say about you. (OK: We kind of like your eye shadow. That's positive!) If there were another medium as easy for people to communicate as blogs, it would be used to say negative things about you as well. It's not a problem with the medium, Jay; it's just you.

But there we go, just making Jay more famous again.


You Need Jay Mariotti On That Wall [Deadspin]

(We're pretty certain this video's gonna be taken down by noon, by the way.)