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You Need Jay Mariotti On That Wall

You see, the thing is, folks, Jay Mariotti is not a puffy blowhard who screams schtick into a camera and then types full-throated, half-conceptualized ripjob columns as fast as possible while complaining that Ozzie Guillen mock raped him in the shower (or something) ... that's all just an anti-Mariotti campaign to distract you from the TRUTH, man!

Only one man is capable of telling the TRUTH, and that man is Jay Mariotti. That's his story, anyway, in a profile in this month's Chicago magazine; if someone doesn't like him, it's because they're afraid of the awesome power of his words. It has absolutely nothing to do with comments like this:

"Take your shots at me," Mariotti says of his colleagues, leaning back in his chair and raising his palms to the air. "All you're doing is making me more famous."

No, really: That's what he said.

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