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Jay Mariotti Column Commenting Is Back On The Air

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One thing I failed to consider with the previous post; you can comment on Jay's columns now! This is fun we never had when he was at the Sun-Times.


Last Mariotti post, I promise. I just thought I should point out that commenting is enabled for his columns, and they've been, um, interesting. And I think I saw a couple of Deadspin ringers. A sampling:

• Jay, you are hot garbage. Like a ripe diaper filled with Indian food.The same attacking style that you slam is the only style you know. Exhibit A: This article... and your point of view in May 2005 of the White Sox. Reeeaaally missed the boat on that one, huh? — doubledowne11 01:42:15 PM Jan 05 2009


• And - who wants to bet to see how long it takes before the ability to comment on Moron's articles gets disabled "due to bandwidth", which is code to hurting his feelings? — bjngnnss 11:09:42 AM Jan 05 2009

• Combining the irrelevance of Jay Mariotti with the irrelevance of America Online was a logical step for both parties. Regards,Pete Gaines. — petejayhawk 12:11:30 PM Jan 05 2009

• Wow — it's amazing the level of detail you can come up to spin your side of the story. That's the BS you can dream up in your head when you're off for 3 months. — bjngnnss 11:07:30 AM Jan 05 2009

• He is absolutely right, the wave of the newspapers future is online. Newspapers are dying, but not necessarily newspaper companies, if they're smart enough to push more to the web.And what is lost on those who criticize Jay is that just because they don't agree with what he writes, doesn't mean he's a bad writer. — danielr11 10:35:50 AM Jan 05 2009


• Welcome Jay.........I have always enjoyed you on Around the Horn, and look forward to reading what you have to offer on AOL. — minnie1pill 09:34:03 AM Jan 05 2009

• The tale of Jay the Joke is far more complicated and sickening than the pap printed here. Many of us are glad this flea has left Chicago sports-writing to classier, sharper journos. Bye-bye, ya meaningless jerk! — dutchmccool 03:49:37 AM Jan 05 2009


And the immortal ...

• first!! jay rulz — markot09 03:46:59 AM Jan 05 2009

Will the notoriously thin-skinned Mariotti allow this to continue? Hey, if you're going to be part of the new wave, Jay, you've gotta take the good with the bad.


Also, kudos to Sports by Brooks for this:

From a man who said the future of sports journalism “sadly is not in newspapers”is writing for … AOL. Have I showed you the mousetrap-powered car I made in high school? Wanna know what I made the wheels out of?


Sunnier Times In The New Mainstream Media [AOL Sports]

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