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Jay Mariotti Is...The Lurker

The bar patron who has the cell phone pic which (allegedly) sparked Mariotti getting bounced from a Chicago nightclub last Thursday night has yet to surface, but another reader stealthily snapped him in his natural habitat.


Another encounter:

I was at Bull and Bear a few weeks ago and the creepy Mariott was standing by our table hoping some of the girls would talk to him. Very weird dude. I think he saw me take this pic but I acted like I was texting someone.

Mariotti has told nice young ladies about his paranoia and annoyance when civilians attempt to photograph him out on the town. He's been successful so far, as we rarely receive any candid pics of Jay.


After the incident last week, it appears his aggressive no-photo policy has backfired and more and more are coming in all the time. If Mariotti wishes to continue to enjoy night club life for as long as his surgically-enhanced visage is still on "Around The Horn," he should consider wearing a disguise from now on.


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