It's not uncommon for sportswriters to have man-crushes on athletes, but when you lead with this Freudian slip, you're bound to raise some eyebrows: "The afternoon sun was orgasmic. … Yet nothing was more radiant than Matt Barkley's smile."

Mariotti dubbed Matt Barkley the next great QB in SC's lineage of gun-slinging supermen after the Trojans' 53-point shellacking of San Jose State on Saturday. But since the jury is still out on Matt — his first career victory came against a WAC team that played .500 ball last year — Mariotti was forced to gush about the undeniable "sex appeal" oozing from Barkley's "blond hair and good looks."

Thanks for sharing your tastes, Jay.


What makes this man crush so creepy is the fact that Barkley is only 19. As Mariotti points out, Matt isn't even "old enough to grow more than peach-fuzz stubble on his face."

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