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Jay Mohr: Comedy's Skip Bayless

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We'll admit it: We don't really understand those columns that failed movie star/failed TV star/failed game show host Jay Mohr is writing for They're not funny, but they're not really incisive about sports either; they just kind of hang out there, like a faded balloon (or a Marge Schott breast, if you will). To quote Homer Simpson: Be More Funnier. The saddest example yet was Mohr's "column" about how he can't stand the WNBA, which ran, rather suspiciously, only five days after ESPN's Bill Simmons wrote a column about the very same topic. The basic point of Mohr's rant was, we guess, the WNBA has a bunch of lesbian fans and lesbians are weird and freak me out. There goes his guest spot on "The L Word."

OutSports has called Mohr out for the column, saying "Mr. Mohr is a man who is apparently so terrified of sitting next to a lesbian and being in the male minority at a basketball game that he quakes with fear at the prospect of offending lesbian fans by cheering against the home team." Which may be true, but we're more offended by his "joke" about JFK being "propped up with bouts of Addison's disease." To paraphrase Seinfeld, we're not offended as a Catholic; we're offended as a comedian.


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