The duo of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole, SportsCentre anchors and the two of the three most important people in Canadian history (with Chris Hadfield, of course), will be leaving TSN in June and heading to Los Angeles, reportedly to work for the soon-to-launch Fox Sports 1.

The two have been paired together on the network's premier highlight show for a decade, and their interplay has drawn comparisons to the glory days of Olbermann and Patrick, without the "one of us is clearly an asshole" undertone. There are a million clips of Onrait and O'Toole in action, but this one should give you a good taste of what to expect.

This is a big deal in Canada (even the Prime Minister is sad to see them go), and should be a big deal down here. If their new employer lets them do what they do best—treat sports exactly as seriously as they deserve—it's a huge coup for Fox.