Leaving the field after the first inning, Jayson Werth and Gio Gonzalez exchanged some not-so-friendly words. It continued in the dugout, as Werth went up the tunnel and Gonzalez had to be held back by teammates.

There were two speculated possibilitiesā€”that Gonzalez was upset that Werth had been a bit lackadaisical reeling in a double, or that Werth was mad Gonzalez failed to cover first in time to turn a double play. Though Gonzalez would only say that what happened "stays between me and Werth," Davey Johnson was under no such gag order.

"Oh, just a little camaraderie going on," Johnson said with a smile. "Jayson sometimes can get a little vocal. He thought that Gio was a little late covering first, and he was, but he falls towards third and with a bad back and falling toward third, he didn't get over there."

"Spirits are high," Johnson continued. "I like it." Which is how to treat a spat in a game you go on to win, the Nats' fourth in a row.

Here's another angle of the run-in, via Hot Corner.