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Jeff Francoeur Enticed Jonathan Broxton By Taking Him Hunting At Jeff Foxworthy's House

We brought you the preliminary details of this courtship in HOTFUCKINGSTOVE yesterday, but we buried the lead. Jeff Francoeur didn't just lure fatass reclamation project du jour Jonathan Broxton to the Kansas City Royals by taking him on a bow-hunting trip. Francoeur lured Broxton by taking him on a bow-hunting trip at Jeff Foxworthy's estate! The Jeff Foxworthy!


Here's Kevin Kernan of the New York Post:

"I'm not much of a hunter, but that hunting trip really worked out well,'' Francoeur told The Post yesterday of the excursion to The Foxworthy Farm, which spans more than 40,000 wildlife acres. "I think we're going to have a pretty good little team now in Kansas City."

Youuuuu might be a redneck if you're impressed by Jeffs Francoeur and/or Foxworthy.

Francoeur sways Broxton away from Mets [NY Post]

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