Jeff Francoeur Tossed Royals Fans A $100 Bill With A Note That Read, "Buy Some Beer On Me"

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Three weeks ago, Jeff Francoeur had 20 pizzas sent to fans in a right-field section in Oakland. And last night, at a game in which he was part of the promotion, Francoeur did a little something for the home folks in Kansas City.

The Royals have designated a right-field section at Kauffman Stadium as The Frenchy Quarter. For every Thursday home game this season, fans in that section also get a T-shirt and a drink coupon for the price of their ticket. Last night was the first Frenchy Quarter Thursday of the season, and Francoeur sweetened the deal by tossing an autographed ball to the section's fans, along with a C-note and some instructions. Here's video of the fans' reaction: