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From our experience, when Jeff Garcia is making this motion, and he's about to chuck it long and downfield, something bad is about to happen. We mean, it's Jeff Garcia! The last few years, his main purpose has been to be the target of Terrell Owens' sublimated man-on-man urges.

And now, all of a sudden, on national television, he's leading a key playoff victory and looking positively Romo-esque. With the Eagles' incredibly entertaining 27-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia is tied for the wild card lead and getting Philly fans, well, to feel slightly less felonious, we'll say that.


We're starting to think that Garcia might never be destroyed; it seems inevitable that he'll end up leading a Super Bowl drive at some point. The Eagles still have a rather rough schedule the rest of the way โ€” Washington, Dallas, NY Giants and Atlanta โ€” but hey, like any of those teams are looking like the Chargers right now.

Besides, Rocky Balboa was there, after all. Sylvester Stallone reveled in the Philadelphia love last night, even though the guy probably has been there, oh, only when he's got a Rocky movie coming out. (If you haven't seen the trailer yet, we really can't recommend it enough. it features the first training montage to include the phrase "you've got calcium deposits in your joints!" That movie's gonna rule.)

Anyway, yeah: Your NFC. We still think the Buzzsaw have a chance!

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