Jeff Kent Departs Survivor With One Final Rant: "I'm A Game 7 World Series Loser"

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The last time we checked in with budding reality TV star Jeff Kent, he was kicking off his appearance on this season of Survivor in a truly inauspicious manner. Since then, he's managed to keep his head in the game. Tonight, though, the dream suddenly died for Kent, who was voted off the island in what host Jeff Probst described as maybe "one of the biggest blown opportunities in the history of this game."


But before he left, Kent had a few choice words for the show and our newly re-elected president:

You know what pissed me off? I think I've made about $60 million playing baseball, and I want this frickin' million dollars in this game and it's not even a millon bucks! It's 600 grand by the time Obama takes it!

I'm a Game 7 World Series loser. You know, I've played in the biggest games in the world and the worst games in the world, but this just sucks.


Adios, Jeff. At least he ultimately fared better than that drowned chicken.