Jeff Samardzija: "Great Lover/Friend," Says An Ex

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Not every tip we've received about Jeff Samardzija has been negative. He has his defenders, too, and some pretty dedicated ones. So in the interests of fair play and equal time here's a very thoughtful defense of "The Shark."

Came across your article on Jeff Samardzija today as I was checking to see how he was doing. Needless to say, I was surprised with what I saw...

My name is M— originally from Indiana. I attended UT in Knoxville back in 2008, and that is where I first met Jeff prior to us dating. We first crossed paths at a Smokies baseball game just outside of Knoxville, where he played baseball. [Ed. note: Jeff was promoted from Daytona to Tennessee in mid-2007.] Embarrassing enough we tried to get his attention at a game, and after the game as well. As time passed, we got to know Jeff and his teammates pretty well as we attended a lot of the home Smokies games.

The reason why I'm writing this is simple, Jeff and I dated for about 4 months. He is a great guy, and we'd probably still be together if his baseball schedule wasn't so crazy. Jeff was always very generous to myself and my good friends. A positive "role model", YES. I remember we'd have to wait for him to sign numerous autographs for kids after every game before we could leave. That is why I am astonished and angered that "pure hearsay" is posted on sites as actual news. For your and everyone else's information, since it seems to be such a hot topic on the site, Jeff is a great lover/friend. No one should ever be subject to being dragged through the mud on purely "rumors" that people make up. I'd be happy to sponsor a page too on that site for $2-$5. Does that mean it's true facts because I paid a handful of quarters? I think not.

So there you go. In your wildest dreams, you wouldn't have an ex-girlfriend say things about you that were that nice.