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Jenn Sterger Talks Life After Brett Favre's Penis With Good Morning America Tomorrow

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In case you missed the massive plugs the GMA interview with the Sterg is getting, I'm here to remind you that you may want to set your DVRs tonight or postpone that P90X workout if you'd like to see it.


I passed Jenn on the sidewalk a couple weekends ago in Brooklyn. She was smiling, doing the walk-and-talk with a male companion on one of those pre-spring cold but sunny weather teases in late March. She didn't notice me initially, but the closer she came I braced for an awkward conversation or stare-down or something. Do I just nod? Do I say hi? Do I say thanks?

She passed by me without incident or acknowledgment, which was fine, as I'm sure this is the way Monica Lewinsky would handle Linda Tripp if they ran into each other at a shopping mall.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, it'll be Sterger's stage. She gave George Snouffalouffugous first glimpse at the ashes of her media career and her personal hell from the Favre saga. Probably a few months too late but, hey, convalescence takes time.


There are rumblings that Sterger could get help landing a gig thanks to her participation with GMA. Remember, when Erin Andrews did her exclusive with GMA, they gave her a platform to get her Diane Sawyer on and talk about the peephole epidemic or whatever? It would be ironic if they gave Jenn the same opportunity to expose the frequency of inappropriate athlete dong-texting since that's the story we were asking her to do for us at the Super Bowl two years ago. Huh. More absurd things have happened.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Go hang out with someone on a patio tonight. It'll do you good.

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