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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jenn Sterger Was The Original Katherine Webb, In That She Was Also Propelled To Fame By A Leering Brent Musburger

The New York Times caught up with one-time Deadspin muse and object of misdirected Brett Favre affection Jenn Sterger yesterday (how's she doing? The profile included the quote, "[W]ith great cleavage comes great responsibility," so, fine) and in doing so noted that her first taste of fame came in a now-familiar form: Apparent star-maker Brent Musburger, picking her out of the crowd at a college football game and ogling her with words. In Sterger's case, Musburger—who the Times disconcertingly describes as "the folksy, flirty play-by-play man"—implied that she would be the impetus for a rush of applications to Florida State. All in good fun. Plus, Musburger's vote of horny confidence can, with some elbow grease, apparently be parlayed into a great many media jobs:

Within days, Ms. Sterger, and her cowgirl cleavage, had become a sensation, an instant Internet pinup who would soon jump into photo shoots in old-school outlets like Playboy and Maxim. But Ms. Sterger, an avid sports fan, also managed to parlay the attention into stints writing at, a broadcasting job at ABC and, eventually, gigs at such testosterone-heavy television outlets as Fuel TV and Spike.


Well, there are worse ways to get your foot in the door—you could write racist editorials—but the lesson is obvious for Katherine Webb: Don't become a hostess for an NFL team. That will not work out.

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