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Jeremy Shockey Lashes Out At Roger Goodell, Claims NFL Commish Lied To Players About Concussions

Outspoken free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey, apparently having just read this ESPN piece on the late Junior Seau, pondered his own life (and predicted an early death) while blaming NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in a Twitter rant unleashed late Sunday night.

Given Shockey's reputation (and the general tone of most Twitter rants) his statements were remarkably intelligible, with his claim "no it all Rog goodell" lied to players about the effect of concussions being the most inflammatory. Mostly, it's sad: dude in high-risk career comes to grips with the fact he's made the rest of his life worse by doing something that made his younger years awesome.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

h/t to Dave

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