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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jerks Deface Kay Yow Tribute

Illustration for article titled Jerks Deface Kay Yow Tribute

Pranks between rival colleges are always side-splittingly clever and witty (Goat stealing! Amazing!) but you know what's really funny? Cancer!


N.C. State's men's basketball team played North Carolina on Saturday and the university used the opportunity as one of several chances to honor longtime women's coach Kay Yow, who died of breast cancer a week earlier. Some State students had already painted a mural of Coach Yow in the school's Free Expression Tunnel (your school probably had a giant rock for a similar purpose), but the tunnel is often the target of rival school looking to stick it to Wolfpack fans. Well, some HI-larious jokesters were not about to let such a golden opportunity pass by, so they painted a blue mustache (Carolina Blue, I assume) and the phrase "cancer rules" over the painting of Yow. Unbelievable.

Students quickly repaired the damage by repainting the mural, but I'm sure they had a good chuckle about it first. I mean, you have to admit that there is no subject more ripe for comedic gold than a woman dying of breast cancer after struggling with the disease for over two decades. (Except maybe plane crashes.) And since N.C. State is also the school of Jim Valvano it's like they really "get" it, you know? Just a classic zinger!


And by "zinger," of course, I mean "dick move."

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