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Jermaine O'Neal Makes Game-Saving Block, Is Very Pleased With Himself

You can give Steph Curry the credit for last night's Warriors' victory if you want to—he did tie the game with a preposterous layup at the end of regulation before scoring seven points in OT, after all—but I prefer to think that this game belonged to old-ass Jermaine O'Neal.

With 25 seconds to play in overtime and the Rockets down by one, O'Neal found himself face-to-face with a charging Chandler Parsons, a man who is much younger and much better at jumping than Jermaine O'Neal. Parsons went up for the dunk and what he probably thought was going to be the game-winning basket, only to find O'Neal waiting for him at the rim, ready to put a lid on his would-be highlight.

And then it was time for the 35-year-old big man to uncork some old-man swagger. It's probably been a while since he's had anything to mean mug about in a game, so we won't blame him for his post-block stare down for being a little affectless. It was still better than the Kobe Face.


And the best part? O'Neal made this block after having been baptized by a nasty Dwight Howard dunk earlier in the game:

Sometimes it's nice to see the guy who gets posterized get the last laugh.

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