All told, we think if you're going to get busted for a DUI โ€” with weed in your car โ€” it's probably the best time to do it is not when you're trying to snatch a new free agent contract. But hey, Jerramy Stevens has always marched to the drum of his own beater;

Stevens agreed to perform field-sobriety tests, but declined after an initial "walk-and-turn" test. He also declined a portable breath test, and the officer indicated that was when Stevens was placed under arrest. The officer stated in the report that there were paper napkins with a loose clump of "green leafy substance" in Stevens' back pants pocket. A second officer indicated he smelled the odor of marijuana in the driver's-side seat.


You know, when you're a big NFL star โ€” albeit one who urinates himself when around Joey Porter โ€” you really don't have to be all that careful with your weed. Wrap it in a napkin, shove it in your back pocket and let's GO.

Unsigned Hawks TE Stevens Arrested In Arizona [Seattle Times]