Jerry Jones Calls Photos With Strippers A Misrepresentation

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke to the media for the first time since some weird and gross photos of him and two strippers surfaced online, and he didn't really have much to say. According to him, the photos have been "misrepresented."

Jones spoke to reporters at the Cowboys' training camp last night, and he was about as evasive as one could be. According to the Dallas Morning News, he used the phrases "I don't have any more comment," and "that's all I'd really like to get into" a total of six times in three minutes. A sampling:

Asked if the photos were part of an extortion plot, Jones responded:

"Someone has misrepresented photos taken at a restaurant five years ago for their own purposes. I'm just not going to comment on it.''

Jones confirmed that the photos were taken in a Dallas restaurant. He was then asked what was misrepresented in the photos.

"Again, that's all I'll like to get into," Jones said.

It's fun to try and imagine ways in which the photos, one of which features a stripper rubbing her face in Jones's crotch, could have been "misrepresented." Maybe Jones was just having trouble tying his shoes, and a friendly stripper that he met in the bathroom decided to pose for a silly picture while giving him a hand. Could be!


And just in case you thought this whole situation had dampened Jerry Jones's spirit, fear not:

After Jones addressed a flurry of questions about the photos, he did begin to talk about the team. During one of the answers he began to cough. He stopped, started over and coughed again.

"Excuse me," Jones said. "Real bad cold.

"That's why I haven't been talking to you guys."

He then smiled to let reporters know he was joking.

Jerry Jones is just too damn old and rich to really give a shit about any of this.


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