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Jerry Sandusky Has The Mental And Emotional Maturity Of A Teenager, According To Sandusky's New Lawyer

You've heard (an awful, awful lot) from Joe Amendola, the lead attorney for Jerry Sandusky's defense. Now you will hear from his co-counsel, Karl Rominger, who appeared on CNN to explain away Sandusky's disturbing Bob Costas interview last month with the following description of his client:

I believe that mentally and emotionally [Sandusky] is much more on par with a teenager than he is a 60-year-old.


A regular Matlock, this Rominger. It's official now: Sandusky's attorneys have adopted the simpleton defense. Jerry is too dumb to know what he's saying. Too dumb to know he shouldn't shower naked with young boys. Can you imagine the trial? Rominger would be beating up his own client. Hard to think the case will make it that far.

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