Jerry Sandusky's Attorney Wants To Bring His Lawyerin' Act To Television

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It's been nearly three months since Jerry Sandusky was convicted of nearly all of the pedophilia charges against him, and in all that time there's been nary a wink out of Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, Sandusky's primary defense attorney. We gotta admit: We kinda miss the old lug.

We made multiple attempts to interview Amendola earlier this summer, though we got no reply from him. But Sara Ganim, who earned her Pulitzer Prize in large part by getting many of those connected to the Sandusky story to talk to her, recently caught up with him. It seems Amendola intends to try to to get Sandusky a new trial by declarin' all of his own lawyerin' to be incompetent. In the meantime, he's trying to talk Sandusky into reining in a statement the convicted child molester intends to read at his sentencing hearing later this month, since anything Sandusky says can still be used against him when he appeals. And, thanks in large part to Amendola, we all know what a gifted speaker Sandusky is.


Otherwise, Amendola has taken his lawyerin' skills out of the spotlight and back to the humdrum reality of DUI hearings in tiny Central Pennsylvania courthouses, which is where Ganim went to watch him work.

But what's next? What does Amendola, at age 64, really want to do? Here's Ganim:

It might be the right time to try something new.

"Legal consultant," he says, containing a smirk. "For a network."

He's talking about the "talking heads" who called him a moron, who criticized him for his decisions and tactics throughout the Sandusky case.

"That probably is the most appealing thing so far, because it removes all the nonsense," he said. "I think I make sense when I try to explain things. Journalists would say, ‘Enough already, Joe. Enough with the talking.' But I answered the questions."

Did he ever. If television needs a brilliant legal mind to cut through "all the nonsense" and "explain things" in terms we can all understand, it has its man in Lawyerin' Joe Amendola. He's out there and he's waiting for your call, television producers. You know how to reach him.


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